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About AIM

Link to AIM 2019 Sponsorship Page

AIM 18 will focus on best-in-class resident experiences that create loyalty, retention and the ability to advance rents. With new construction booming, a new generation of lifestyle experts has emerged. They are blending service, amenities, location and technology (SALT) to define new levels of convenience. The 2018 conference will focus on the marketer’s role in envisioning and delivering new value in the rental product. We’ll encourage more small-group sharing than ever before. Master classes, smaller/faster sessions and longer networking opportunities will alter the face of the conference. We will deliver a differentiated conference that encourages more voices to speak up and more collective wisdom applied to the challenges raised by the group. 

Who Sponsors?

The conference is sponsored by leading industry suppliers. They typically specialize in marketing, software, online services, research, mobile technologies and a variety of other offerings. No other industry conference provides attendees a better opportunity to meet, network and learn from expert service providers who power the resident experience on behalf of property owners and managers.


Why Sponsor?

AIM provides the year’s best opportunity to meet with and reach decision makers who buy and recommend marketing, leasing, software systems and resident-facing technology. AIM is a sales opportunity for companies that sell to this powerful multifamily customer segment.

AIM is not positioned as a “branding” or “presence” event - it’s a serious gathering for people who need to make business decisions. In addition, AIM is also a market and product research event. Our speakers present cutting-edge ideas for products and industry trends directly impacting our sponsors. 

About MTEC

Link to MTEC Sponsorship Prospectus

MTEC is a small conference just for multifamily technology innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurial property investors and strategic customers who want to better understand the how to create, fund, grow and sell the companies and products that are driving disruptive change in the industry. It’s a small group of very smart people all in one room candidly discussing failure, success, growth, challenges, opportunities, situations and solutions.

Who Attends?

Attendees are C-level executives, private equity investors and strategic customers of growth-oriented startups in the apartment sector.  Industry sales consultants and gatekeepers also attend. Conference speakers and advisors include some of the most successful multifamily entrepreneurs of the last decade.

Why Sponsor?

Conference sponsors will ensure that industry entrepreneurs have a chance to gather for an annual retreat.  Sponsoring companies will enjoy direct access to attendees who are potential clients, members, users and merger partners of all types. All sponsors receive the complete contact list of attendees starting six weeks prior to the event to facilitate setting up appointments with business prospects.

About MICA

Link to MICA Sponsorship Prospectus

The Multifamily Innovation Conference—Atlanta will showcase new technology-enabled business lines and revenue streams that add to the core multifamily business, create new business opportunities, or both.

The event will help bring together tech investors, multifamily investors and operational strategists to underwrite new opportunities, model their risks and impact on valuation and collectively problem-solve to eliminate barriers to achieving this revenue. Our goal is to bring leading-edge, working programs to the heart of the multifamily business—the Southeast. And blend new capital and technology with the best of professional apartment ownership.

Who Attends?

Attendees will be multifamily owners, executives, investors, innovators, asset managers, technology providers and strategic customers looking to innovate for a competitive advantage.

Why Sponsor?

Conference sponsors will ensure the industry innovators have a chance to gather at the forefront of discussions, ideas and invention in multifamily. Sponsoring companies will enjoy direct access to attendees who are potential clients, members, users and merger partners of all types. All sponsors receive the complete contact list of attendees starting four weeks prior to the conference to facilitate appointment setting with business prospects. Vendor Partners must sponsors to attend.

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